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Creating high-quality, efficacious supplements is our passion.

And we’re very, very good at it. But it’s not as simple as you may think. 


Is truly part art, part science.

First, we conduct extensive research on the latest studies and findings on natural compounds, used in every corner of the world – and in many cases,
used for centuries or even millennia – to support human wellness.
Then, we find and source pharmaceutical grade versions of those compounds and conduct our own testing to ensure that any given ingredient meets our strict standards.

Our R&D team does the hard work of formulating these best-in-class ingredients with our proprietary delivery technology to ensure that the human body can actually absorb the ingredients effectively. Finally, and most importantly, we manufacture the final products in a cGMP facility and conduct rigorous quality-control testing before we release the product to you.

APRICŌ's parent company, quicksilver scientific HAS SOLVED THE BIOAVAILABILITY PROBLEM 

The fact is many dietary supplements suffer from low bioavailability.  

What does this mean? It means that, despite the potential benefits of the ingredients found in your standard daily supplements, those nutrients often get flushed through your system without proper absorption, either by limitations of the compound itself or through the digestive process. 

Apricō products use proprietary liposomal technology developed by our parent company, Quicksilver Scientific, a Colorado-based maker of super-premium supplements that are recommended by 25,000+ health and wellness practitioners to their patients and used by pro athletes and biohackers around the world. Our parent company has been a pioneer in the development of liposomal and nanoemulsion delivery systems to increase absorption of nutraceuticals and plant compounds in the human body.  

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Dietary Supplements

Nanoemulsions explained

The word nanoemulsion is comprised of the descriptor “nano” and the term “emulsion”

Nano relates to the size of the oil droplets that are carrying the nutrients in our formulas.  Nano is short for nanometer (nm) – which is how we measure our nanoemulsion particles. Using the prefix “nano” implies that the particle size is less than 100 nanometers. Believe it or not, a nanometer is one one-millionth of a millimeter, so we’re talking about extremely small particles! 

Emulsions are finely dispersed blends of oil and water. The most common example being skin creams or even foods, like mayonnaise or salad dressings, where oil and water are brought together and stabilized by the use of “emulsifiers”, such as egg yolk, mustard, or lecithin.  

Our formulas combine oil and water solulable ingredients which means we need an emulsion to ensure the water and oil mix and also absorb into your cells. 

CBD liquid with a dropper

Why size is important

Our mission is to safely get high-quality compounds into the body at levels that can make a difference in your health.

Liposomes and nanoemulsions help facilitate this. To promote higher bioavailability and faster uptake of ingredients, our liposomes must have a very small particle size. Our liposome particles measure between 20-100 nanometers – so tiny they are smaller than wavelengths of light – yielding a clear solution (you can actually see right through our liquid formulas)!

Competitor emulsions are often milky or opaque, denoting particle sizing well over 300 nm, with size varying from batch to batch. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, including the use of Laser Dynamic Light Scattering to assess the size and excellence of each batch.

And we’re never done innovating. Our most recent breakthrough was to successfully incorporate these liposomes into a gummy matrix, where the nano droplets release from the gummy upon chewing, yielding the same high bioavailability as our liquids.


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