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The Best of Wellness: 14 Products That Helped Us Get By in November

SELF Magazine The Best of Wellness: 

14 Products That Helped Us Get By in November | Apricō Sleep Easy Drops

I am perpetually in search of the Best Sleep Ever. It’s not easy, given that I live along a street that is bustling at all hours and have a brain that is also bustling at all hours. So I’ve found myself turning to any sleep aid I can get my hands on (within reason). Some have given me outrageous dreams, others have given me the night sweats, and many have made me groggy for hours after waking up. Very few actually work, I’ve found, except the tried-and-true melatonin…and these sleep drops. Aprico, a Colorado-based supplement brand, fortified these drops with L-theanine (an amino acid found in tea and mushrooms that may help folks relax and focus), melatonin, and calming lavender, and they have a lovely blackberry flavor at the top that masks any bitter flavor. They’ve quickly become a bedside essential, alongside my hand cream, copies of New York magazine, and vibrator. I use between 1-2mL, hold it under my tongue for 30 seconds, and within 30 minutes I drift off into a soft sleep—with only mildly absurd dreams. —S.M.”

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